YourLED DECO Strip Basicset 3 m glitter, clear-coated


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YourLED DECO Strip Basicset 3 m glitter, clear-coated


Plug-ready YourLED set with power supply for decorative light effects with elegant glitter look and clear coating. Easy installation thanks to adhesive backing and plug-in system. Strips can be shortened. Extendable with YourLED DECO strips up to 7.5 m. Accessories available for many mounting needs and splash protection.

  ARTICLE    70502 ( 705.02 )
  EAN          0
  Anzahl Bestückung    1x
  Ausstrahlwinkel    120 °
  Beam angle    120 °
  Bemessungs-/Nutzlichtstrom    450 lm
  Bemessungslebensdauer    20000 h
  Bemessungsleistung    7,2 W
  Bestückung    7,2 W
  Colour    White
  Depth    10,5 mm
  Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)    H: 3 T: 10,5 mm
  Dimmable    Yes
  Dimmbar    Ja
  Farbe    Weiß
  Farbtemperatur    3000 K, 3.000 K
  Halbwertswinkel    120 °
  Height    3 mm
  Inclusive lamp    Yes
  Inklusive Leuchtmittel    Yes
  Installation site    Universal
  Installation site (recommendation)    Universal
  Lebensdauer    20.000 h
  Length    3 m
  Länge    3 m
  MM symbol    MM symbol
  MM-Zeichen    MM-Zeichen
  Material    Plastic
  Montageort Empfehlung    Universal
  Nennlichtstrom (Lumen)    450 lm
  Number of component parts    1x
  Operating voltage    230/12 V
  PROPERTIES    Optional splash protection by using item 70247, Self-adhesive on the back for easy mounting, Easy plug-in system for hassle-free assembly, Can be shortened as needed (at marked points, at every 9 LEDs), Ready-to-use set including 230/12V power supply with power cable and plug, Pleasant warm white LED light, Transparent coating for protecting the LED against touching or moisture, Flexible material for mounting on flat or curved surfaces, Energy-saving LED technology (conserves up to 80% in comparisonto conventional light bulbs)
  Protection class    Protection class II
  Rated life time    20000 h
  Rated luminous flux (Lumen)    450 lm
  Rated power    7,2 W
  Schutzklasse    Schutzklasse II
  Spannung    230/12 V
  Technik    LED
  Technique    LED
  Technology    LED
  Trafoleistung    18 VA
  Transformer power    18 VA
  Zündzeit <    0,0 s
  Color    White
  Color temp.    3000 K
  Component parts    7,2 W
  Life    20.000 h
  Lifetime    20.000 h
  Marketing type    Set
  Mit Steckertrafo    Mit Steckertrafo
  Mit Steckverbinder    Mit Steckverbinder
  Plug-and-socket connector    Plug-and-socket connector
  Rated beam angle    120 °
  Starting time <    0,0 s
  Transformator plug    Transformator plug
  Useful luminous flux    450 lm
  Watt    7,2 W
     Paulmann 705.02  
  P2015    195