Premium line recessed light set, Linear 13 W LED Chrome matt, Swivelling, 1 pc. set


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Premium line recessed light set, Linear 13 W LED Chrome matt, Swivelling, 1 pc. set

LED recessed luminaires

General illumination with innovative LED technology – the Premium Line Linear LED recessed luminaire combines 6 W warm white LED light for general purpose lighting with a 30° swivel angle, which also allows the light to be used for the illumination of objects.

  ARTICLE    92514 ( 925.14 )
  EAN          0
  Beam angle    30 В°
  Colour    Chrome matt
  Depth    90 mm
  Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)    H: 20 x B: 130 x T: 90 mm
  Dimmable    No
  Electronic ballast 30,000h    Square
  Height    20 mm
  Inclusive lamp    Yes
  Installation site    Ceiling mounting
  Installation site (recommendation)    Ceiling mounting
  Length    3,1 m
  Luminous intensity    435 cd
  MM symbol    MM symbol
  Material    Alu
  Mounting depth    30 mm
  Mounting hole    75 mm
  Number of component parts    1x
  Operating voltage    230 V
  PROPERTIES    Set of 1 lamp including LED, 1x6W, Material: Alu, Color: Chrome mat, Energy-saving LED technology (conserves up to 80% energy in comparison to conventional light bulbs), can be swivelled up to 40В° - put the focus on individual spots., Low mounting depth: only 30mm, operating voltage: 230 V, protection class II, Color temperatur: 3000K - Warm white, incl. plug-in connector and transformer
  Power consumption    13 W
  Protection class    Protection class II
  Swivel range    40 В°
  Technique    LED
  Technology    LED
  Trafoleistung    2 VA, 2x4 VA
  Transformer power    2x4 VA
  Video    Видео светильника Paulmann 92514  
  Width    130 mm
  Color    Chrome matt
  Color temp.    3000 K
  Component parts    6 W
  Current    700 mA
  Depth of hollow wall    15 mm
  Form    Square
  Life    30.000 h
  Lifetime    30.000 h
  Luminous flux    380 lm
  Maximum wattage    1000 W
  Mounting hole 2    110 mm
  Plug-and-socket connector    Plug-and-socket connector
  Stainless    Stainless alu
  Starting time <    0,0 s
  Useful luminous flux    380 lm
  Watt    Incl. 1x6 W
  P2015    263 страница