Premium recessed light LED Power Flood 3W 83mm White


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Premium recessed light LED Power Flood 3W 83mm White

Profi Line

The latest in LED technology: 50,000 hours service life means installations are extremely durable. The build-in depth, even with swivel lamp head, is minimal. And heat generation is absolutely not an issue for the Power Line Power Lens Flood, despite its high output.

  ARTICLE    98700 ( 987.00 )
  EAN    4000870987001       0
  Angle of radiation    45 Grad
  Beam angle    45 Grad
  Color    White
  Color temperature    5000-8000 K
  Component parts    1x 3 W
  Current    350 mA
  Diameter product    83 mm
  Lumen / watt    39 Lumen_pro_Watt
  Luminous intensity    255 cd
  Material    Aluminium Zinc
  Mounting depth    50 mm
  Mounting hole    67/83 mm
  Mounting opening    67/83 mm
  Packing unit SAP    1
  Strength of the electric current    350 mA
  Swivel range    30 Grad
  Инструкция    Установка светильника Paulmann 987.00