Furniture ABL Set LED 5x1,22W 12VA 230/12V 59mm Alu/Plastic


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Furniture ABL Set LED 5x1,22W 12VA 230/12V 59mm Alu/Plastic

Profi Line

Discover completely new lighting possibilities with LED free-standing lamps: Once installed, no maintenance for years thanks to the 50,000 hours life of the modern LED lamps. Super flat casing with no recess depth, protrudes a mere 7mm. Therefore especially suitable for locations where space is at a premium (e.g. shelves, elevated beds, or wall cupboards). Minimal heat generation makes for additional safety. Extremely easy to fit thanks to clip technology. Complete set including power pack and cable.

  ARTICLE    98774 ( 987.74 )
  EAN    4000870987742       0
  Color    Alu
  Color temperature    6500-7000 K
  Component parts    5x 1,22 W
  Diameter product    59 mm
  Height product    6,8 mm
  Life    50.000 h
  Luminous intensity    6,8 cd
  Material    Plastic
  Operating voltage    230/12 V
  Packing unit SAP    1
  Transformer    12 VA
  Working voltage    230/12 V
  Инструкция    Установка светильника Paulmann 987.74