Profi Wall LED 1W 230V Stainless steel


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Profi Wall LED 1W 230V Stainless steel

Profi Line

The first illuminating brick! The Profi LED recessed wall lamp matches the surface appearance invisibly. The safety advantages: Safety classification IP65 for operation in any weather and the very long life of the LED bulb (50,000 hours) means that it’s almost maintenance free. Thanks to special control technology, continuous changes in colour are possible. Unusual light effects give your wall or ground surface that extra something. Ensures uniqueness in the dark.

  ARTICLE    99487 ( 994.87 )
  EAN    4000870994870       0
  Power consumption    2,7 W
  Breadth product    170 mm
  Color    Stainless steel
  Component parts    1x 1 W
  Depth product    70 mm
  Height product    92 mm
  Material    Stainless steel
  Mounting depth    65 mm
  Mounting hole    155*55 mm
  Mounting opening    130*45 mm
  Operating voltage    230 V
  Packing unit SAP    1
  Width product    170 mm
  Working voltage    230 V
  Инструкция    Установка светильника Paulmann 994.87