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Exterior lights

  ARTICLE    5703 ( 57.03 )
  EAN    4000870057032       0
  Depth    68 mm
  IP protection    IP44 ceiling mounting
  Installation site    Ceiling mounting
  MM symbol    MM symbol
  Width    68 mm
  Breadth product    68 mm
  Color    Chrome
  Depth packing    8,500 cm
  Depth product    68 mm
  Form    Square
  Height packing    4,200 cm
  Material    Aluminium Zinc
  Maximum capacity    1x35 W
  Maximum wattage    1x35 W
  Mounting depth    60 mm
  Mounting hole    64 mm
  Mounting opening    64 mm
  Operating voltage    12 V
  Packing unit SAP    1
  Plug-and-socket connector    Plug-and-socket connector
  Protection class    Protection class III
  Socket    GU5,3
  Stainless    Stainless alu
  Watt    Max. 1x35 W
  Width packing    8,500 cm
  Width product    68 mm
  Working voltage    12 V